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Release of two albums !

Laurent Dury and I are happy to announce the release of two albums that we composed and produced together last year and are currently releasing with the publisher Sonoton Production Music based in Munich. These 2 albums mixing orchestral

style (The Bulgarian Film Orchestra led by Gregor Narholz) and electronic style (Lyynk Studio) offer, including alternative and underscores, a content of 63 titles for the music library. You can already discover the contents of the first album to this link:

We will also be doing a teaser shortly with a small extract of each song when the second album will be released (in about 2 months)

Enjoy !

Credits :

Arranged, produced and composed by Stéphane Schott & Laurent Dury.

Electronic part: Arrangement of additional synths, FX and drums. Mix and mastering by Stéphane Schott at Lyynk Studio, Bordeaux, France. Performed by Stéphane Schott (guitars, sound design, modular synths, analog and virtual synths/samplers).

Orchestral part: The BULGARIAN FILM ORCHESTRA. Recorded by David Santiago at STUDIO ONE of the Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia. ProTools operator: Andreas von Gagern. Assistant engineer: Valentin Ivanov. Music contractor: NITRAX PRODUCTIONS. Production coordinator: Dona Petkova. Mixed by David Santiago at INTERSOUND Studios, Munich. Music & mixing producer: David Santiago. Performed by Terry Ewell (bassoon on STORY WITHOUT ENDING REMIX (22-26) and Laurent Dury (piano, celeste & clarinet).

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